At Superior Solid Plastering & Render, we are experts in a variety of plastering and rendering techniques. Whilst we predominantly specialise in high end residential and commercial projects we can also service small projects, houses, fences, renovations, etc. For a full list of finishes we offer, please see the examples below.


Glassface render - cement dado

Cement Glassface is an adaptable finish that can be exposed to full weather, meaning it’s water resistant qualities make it a suitable finish for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Glassface render - creative - black

Glassface Creative Black is the same as our regular Glassface / Cement Dado finish, with the addition of black flecks/lines/smudges through it.


White set - hardwall plaster

White Set Hardwall Plaster is the traditional white plaster finish for the interior walls of your home.


Sand Finish Render

Sand Render is a cement based render finish with coarse particles of sand embedded into the render to create a textured surface.


Acrylic texture coatings

Acrylic Texture Coating is the superior choice to a sand render finish and is tinted to your desired choice of colour.