Solid plastering and render are good, high quality finishes for the exterior of your home. Solid plastering and render isn't limited to being used on walls, it's also a popular choice for planter boxes, retaining walls, balustrades, swimming pool areas and outdoor features. Applying one of our textured or specialist finishes to a plain area of the home can make it stand out and will ensure it beams quality. To see a list of finishes available, check out the services page.


Solid plastering and render can be applied throughout the entire interior of a home. Solid plastering and render looks especially effective in areas such as the bedroom, bathroom, living and kitchen. It is also effective in specialist areas such as wall recesses and staircases. Cement Render is commonly used for feature walls as well as whole room coverings. White set is commonly used for plain interior walls or to compliment a feature wall. Sand Render and Acryclic can also be used inside the home.